Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am Yours

I want to live like I am yours

Once again, my heart hurts
Once again, I've worn my heart on my sleeve and unprotected
Once again, unspoken hope fades away
How many times will I let this happen?
How many times will I leave my heart unguarded?
A yearning that seeks to be quenched by
A dream that isn't real
A fruit that isn't ripe
A void that can't be filled by any earthly treasure

I've had enough of living in this barren place
Where every trickle of water seems to mock my thirst
And leaves me more desperate than before,
And broken
I'll find him here, the one that tells me I am loved
The one who will justify my worth
If only I try a little harder, search a little deeper
You've called me away from this place but I'm still desperately digging in the dirt
Why am I still here?

I've had enough of living in this barren place
Searching for treasure that will fade away
Searching for words that will not remain
Searching for love that is not enough
When all this time I have known
What it is my heart longs for

I am scared to find I'm worthless
I am scared  that I'll be left alone
I am scared that I am not enough

Yet You have spoken words over me
That I am
Worth dying for
 A crown of jewels in Your hand
Your beloved
Your bride
I have always been Yours
And You are waiting for me to return to You

I have lived as if I am an orphan, a widow
Desperate for love in a weary land
But I've had enough
You are what my heart seeks
No earthly thing will satisfy me

I am burying my heart at the foot of Your cross
I want to live like I am Yours.