About Me

I Adore....
My Savior, Jesus
 Worshipping God through music, writing,  and reflection
The Bible (Gospel of John, Hosea, Isaiah)
The poor, the lost, the persecuted and seeing how God loves and moves in thier lives and how I can be a part of that
The inner city
  Stars, night skies
 Coloured leaves in fall
 The full moon
  A good book
 A good laugh
 A good movie
 All types of tea
 Hugs and Affection
 Hiking in every season
Other Cultures
   Seafood (especially sushi)
  Writing cards and notes of love and encourgement for other people
 Weddings and partys
  Writing Letters
 Going out for coffee with friends and family
 Staying inside on a rainy day reading
 Just the rain, in general
 FLOWERS (they remind me of God's beautiful heart)
 Going for long car rides with music blasting
 Camping, retreats, anything of that sort 
Worship around a campfire
Artwork - especially paintings!
Transparent conversations
Being silly
Dreaming big
Taking Risks
 Gentle, compassionate, humorous souls with a deep desire to love, serve, and bring glory to God above all else