Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am resolved.

God is so good. This semester has been a little difficult, but it has mostly been good. My passion for Jesus just seems to be getting stronger and more certain and undivided. There is so much more to go, but I have encountered Him in ways that I didn't think was possible and I have gained a clearer and stronger sense of the freedom I have in Christ. I feel an even clearer call to live a life that is surrendered and devoted to Christ and His kingdom. I feel so much joy knowing that God has a purpose for my life, and that it is ultimately going to bring Him glory. I don't want to live the mediocre Christian life - I want to live out of the fullness of Christ and do crazy, awesome things for His namesake. I want to learn more about love and how to live a life that is drenched in the love of God. Man, I know it's going to be hard, but ultimately so worth it all! I know this begins with worshiping and loving Jesus every day, and  looking for ways to lay myself down for Him - serving, loving, worshiping, and claiming the truth of His word. I want IT - His kingdom on Earth, His voice saying, "Well done, faithful daughter!" The joy and freedom that comes from knowing Him and obeying His voice. And Him, just simply Him. And how can I not respond to His love with utter surrender and devotion? Christ is all that I have to stand on in this world of fading pleasures, and I am going to run this race for all it's worth. I am resolved. Thank you Jesus! :)

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