Monday, January 31, 2011

Whats in a name?

Well, it took me forever trying to decide what to name this blog. I wanted it to reflect not only me but also the purpose of my blog. At first I tried to combine the idea of grace with the notion that it is undeserved. I might have called it 'undeservedgrace" or "unmeritedgrace," but ultimately I felt that while it reflects me (a sinner saved by grace) it really doesnt reflect the purpose of this blog. What is the purpose of this blog? I just wanted a space where I could pour out all of my musings, reflections, and questions about who God is and how I am able to have a relationship with Him. I wanted my blog to reflect my desire to draw nearer to God and to get to know him more, as I am hoping that writing honestly about my faith will help me to do so. I am not even sure if I will tell anyone about this blog, but I guess we shall see! I used to have a blog solely dedicated to poetry, but decided that it was too narrow of a focus. Now I can have a section for poetry, but not limit my blog to just poetry. I am not actually that great at poetry, or art, for that matter, but I truly enjoy it and desire to honour God with something that I delight in. In any case, I am excited to see where this blog will lead. As a side note, I have a slight obsession with changing the look and feel  of my blogs, so be prepared to see this one change a lot!

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