Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reblog:Love Has No Agenda

I follow a number of blogs (some by friends, some I've just picked up on my voyages into the blogging world)  and there are so many great blogs out there. And a lot of people reblog (post something on their own blog that was written by another blogger), but I have never done that before. However, I recently read a blog post by Kristen  from that really spoke to me, and has an essential message, and thought I would share it:) Check out her blog - she writes a lot of awesome stuff!

And as we drove home yesterday, my Father began to speak to me about love. I was praying for healing in a friend of mine's heart, and God just began to nudge me. He said, "You never love so that some one will be healed. You never pray so that something will happen. You love because that person is worth loving. You pray because I died for them. I didn't die for you just because you needed someone to died for you. I died for you because I love you, because it is who I am. You don't love someone to marry them. Marriage is the natural outcome of two hearts that have fallen in love. Love requires trust. To truly love, you must know what love does. Love repairs the broken places. Love makes things new. Love brings healing, truth, light to the places that need it. You don't love looking for a result. You just love."
    Our only call in life is to love. When we heal, when we raise the dead, when we cast out demons, when we give prophecy, we are to love and let all of those things be what love does. When we focus on the problem, rather than the person, we give the problem relevance. It is irrelevant. God will do what He wants. We are called only to be open to whatever it is He wants to do. When we are open to loving someone and that is all our hearts are set on, our minds and ears are open so that God may speak how. If we see a brother without clothes, we love by giving him clothing. If we see someone who is thirsty, we love them by giving them a drink. But we must never consider the result before the need. I do not love someone to fix them. I do not love someone to open their eyes. I do not love someone to heal their heart. Those are all things that happen as a result of love. I have love to give, and I am called to walk in it. Yes, I will heal the sick and cast out demons, and I believe one day, I will raise the dead (Jesus said it; I believe Him), but I am called to love, and all of those things will flow out of that place of love.
Love does not have an agenda. It just is.

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