Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I had a health problem reveal itself to me in a way that had me a little freaked out and close to tears. Immedietaly my mind jumped to every possible worse-case scenario and I felt not only a sense of fear but a sense of regret - I am not the healthiest eater, and not very active - so I know exactly why I have ended up in this predicament, and I want to change that now. I've tried before, but never had enough motivation for whatever reason. Now that health issues have come to call, I certainly have a reason to start living a healthier lifestyle. More importantly, while I was feeling close to tears, I felt even closer to God.  Even when things in life become scary, worrisome, or painful - Christ is right there with us,  and I felt His presence as my mind was starting to freak out. As I don't even know exactly what  is wrong - there isn't any point in my mind overreacting and thinking that I have cancer or need surgery (thats the worrier in me!) - for all I know I might have just eaten something bad! But the thing that calmed my heart, and made me so grateful to be loved so extravagently by Jesus, is that no matter what we go through in this life - He is with us while we go through it and gives us the strength to overcome it, and if its part of His plan for us to move on - well, then we will be with Him, and whats better than that (aside from living a full life dedicated to Him) ? Either way, we are more than conquerers through Christ! I love my saviour, and I want to love Him with my life more and more each day. I know my faith and my love are not even close to what He deserves, and that I can't even offer it - but I hope that I will be able to offer all that I am in this life!! Sometimes I lose sight of what is most important.. my relationship with Christ and His work through me and in me, and my heart runs astray. But that is not what I want - more than anything, no matter what I go through, I want to live a life that is completely surrendered to Him!!!!!

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