Friday, October 14, 2011

Life as I Know It

Well, I guess it's about time I give an update on my new university life:) It has been a month and two days since university started, but it sure has felt longer than that. I have had three midterms and three assignments so far, so I guess that must explain why it feels like I have been here for longer - in highschool tests/assignments weren't due until later in the course! For those that don't know I am in the Youth and Children's Studies Program, and this term I am taking: Psychology 101, Child and Youth Studies, Organizational Leadership, Human Rights & Human Diversity, and Social and Political Thought. I was originally planning on going for a Double Major in Child and Youth Studies & Human Rights, but I think I may be changing my mind! Human Rights hasn't exactly been my most favorite class - I like it, but there are times where I am not really a fan. However, I have been loving my Organizational Leadership course - learning about organizations (public, private, non-for-profit, for-profit) and what it takes for organizations to be and remain successful, as well as what it means to be a leader in the context of organizations is fascinating! It is also more practical than Human Rights, and since I do want to continue working with non-for-profits, or NGO's, it is also applicable to my career goals! I can see it becoming my major for sure:)

So, I started attending a church called Evangel - its a Pentecostal church, which ill admit is not usually my forte! But my friend Hannah wanted to check it out and I ended up going with her. It seems like a decent church so far - its not one of those churches where people speak in tongues every day or whatnot, I actually still haven't heard someone speak in tongues. The most charismatic part so far would have to be  that whenever there is scripture we read it out loud all together - and there is nothing wrong with that!:) I am starting to attend their young adults group called R-Life - and I've only been once so far but it seems pretty sweet! I have also joined the campus group called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and I attend thier bible study every wednesday night. They use a bible study technique called Manuscripting - which is almost like an intensive, detailed study of a short bible passage - but really paying attention to the text (repitition, main ideas, questions you may have). It's different, not what I am used to, but not necessarily a bad change. It does remind me of reading a textbook though :P

There are also some other christian groups that students from the university attend, but aren't actually a part of the university (not a university club), which are  Campus For Christ (they are meeting at someone's home) and Marked Generation which is run by the Freedom House ( a church). I might check those out at some point as well. I am really hoping to develop a solid community of christians - I want to be in fellowship with other christians, because that has been something I have missed/struggled with in the past.

 I have recently begun volunteering at a non-profit organization called Why Not City Missions that resides downtown Brantford. They are similar to The Living Rock in that they are an inner city ministry - but aside from that, the organizations are quite different! It will be interesting for me to see the differences, and of how I will fit into the mix! I will be volunteering every Thursday, helping out with their Hot-Dog meal program (where we provide hot dogs to any one who wants/needs it - not just youth) and being a Youth Mentor! I am looking forward to working with Why Not for the duration of my time at Laurier - especially because I know that the duration of a relationship with a youth significantly impacts the quality and impact of the relationship itself and any positive outcomes that may occur because of it! (I am currently writing a research paper on Mentoring At-Risk Youth, so I have been evaluating the different models of mentoring relationships etc. )

Living at my dads has been good...a little tough on one hand, because he is in a really bad place financially, and struggles with depression. But I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know him better, strengthen the relationship, and hopefully be a positive person in his life:) Although, I need to work on  my dish-washing work ethic..baha. He really needs to get a job though.... he is doing handy-man work here nad there, but he is getting to the age where it really is taking a toll on his phsyical health - he is always aching and sore, and if he injures himself he will have no way to make an income. So please join me in praying that he will be able to get a job that pays well enough for him to be able to keep his house, but also isn't too physically demanding!!
We have gotten into a routine of watching Criminal Minds, as well as Leaf Games together (Go Leafs Go!), which is good fun:)

well, that is all for now - if there is anything I desire right now its to learn to be content with little, and to learn to be joyful in all circumstances (which can be a dangerous prayer..XD)! I just want to live for Him!

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