Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some random updates...

Tonight I went on a skype with a friend of mine who was a fellow exchange student to Japan, named Mike. We have always got along personality wise, but we almost always end up in theological debates because he is an athiest, and I am a Christian. I hadn't spoken to him in about a year, but the debate started almost right away. He is in school to be a surgeon (can't recall what type) and is very intelligent, and bases everything on science and fact. I am kinda the exact opposite, so it was hard for me to counter argue all of his points, although I managed to hold my ground. The main thing I got from our discussion is that he really doesn't want to believe, and even said that even if  he knew God existed he wouldn't acknowledge Him! (That boggled my mind) And that I am way too concerned with how someone perceives me as opposed to just being concerned with standing for God and truth. That bothers me so much - I just want to be sold out for Jesus. How can a silly thing like wanting someone to like me stand in the way of that? Nonetheless, the conversation challenged me to consider my faith from a different perspective, and to remain steadfast in my faith.

Switching gears, a couple nights ago I was praying for someone, when suddenly I got this huge urge to make a prayer 'wall' on my wall. So at like midnight I got up and painted the words "A Heart of Prayer" with a heart in the center and the names of everyone I am praying for  (and what for) painted around it.. and put it on my wall. It was a really neat time of worship for me - as even though i am not a good painter, I just painted away while listening to worship music and felt God's presence. I hope to pray for all those people /things every night...

Switching gears again...This morning, I woke up at 3 and tossed and turned until about 4:30 when my dads cell phone rang. It was my aunt, who was in complete despair because her dog (who had been in labor that evening) had pushed out a puppy that got stuck, and then consequently that puppy died. So at around 5 we got up and drove to my aunts house to help her take the mother to the vet, because there was still another puppy inside that couldn't come out because the first one was still stuck and blocking the other puppys exit. My aunt was crying hysterically and I tried to help calm her down and speak words of comfort. I love animals, and seeing a dead puppy half out of its mother was really sad, and I prayed the whole drive over that the puppy would still be alive, and that the second one would be alive too. I prayed this mostly for my Aunt's sake because the loss of the first puppy had affected her so brutally. Long story short, although the first puppy did die, the mother ended up having to have a c-section, and the second puppy, against all odds, survived! And it is adorable!!!
I praised God for that, especially because I knew how devastated my aunt would have been if both puppies had been lost.
Needless to say it was one longgggg day... and my dad and I were extremely tired after! Which is why I am officially going to bed now!

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  1. Brie,
    Once again, this scenario reminds me..of His incredible grace and mercy that triumphs over our sin and gives us the ability to grow in His likeness.
    That's what I see at work here, as you feel the weight of conviction over desiring the approval of's clear there is a greater work going on, and that is the transformation of your heart into even more of His likeness.
    I am glad you are processing these events in this way, and want to speak encouragement--bc I see His hand molding and refining you through each experience....whether birthed from battles with the flesh, the world or Satan himself.
    I admire who you are and I am very thankful for you.
    I would not fear not being sold out for Christ...He has redeemed us with the purpose of setting us a apart for His His power and might He will accomplish this.
    But I guess the expression of dependence on Him through prayer, is never a bad thing.
    But I do see a growth in your love for others and sensitivity to what God is doing in your heart.
    This is exciting business!
    Love you!