Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy Love

Tonight, like every other night, I took my dog outside for a brief walk around the yard before I went to bed. Although there are normally stars out when I do this, the sky is usually not clear and the stars seem dimmed (although that makes them no less beautiful). But tonight, the stars seemed extra bright and the sky was clear - only a single stretch of fading cloud was obscuring  a portion of the night sky. And I felt moved, as I often am when gazing up at the multitudes of stars, to praise God. The questions floating through my mind were something like, "Do I even comprehend what I am looking at? That stars aren't just pretty little diamonds floating in space somwhere - but are really huge stars and planets that may even be bigger than Earth, that the creator of the universe made with His own hands, for His glory? Can I even wrap my mind around the fact that God fashioned an infinite number of stars, planets, and galaxies, of which the Earth is merely a pin-prick? And that the me that is standing on my front lawn gazing up at the sky is so incredibly insignificant - even smaller than a pin-prick in comparison with the vastness and beauty of the universe?" I don't think my mind can grasp the magnitude of that - it tries... but how could my mind ever fully grasp how big God is?  What I can grasp more tangibly but still not completely - is how small and finite I am. Yet the God who created all of this universe...loves me! Not only that, but  limited Himself to be born as a vulnerable infant in a obscure town in Israel on a pin-prick of a planet... and then died on a tree for the salvation of those that would rather live as if He didn't exist. The whole thing is rather crazy.

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