Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He is faithful

Well,after weeks of worrying about the money for the compassion trip and struggling to completely surrender it to God---I have been rendered speechless. Tonight, the Lord provided the rest of the money and then some!  It's so crazy,    I almost can't believe that I am done fundraising! I really honestly thought I would have to fundraise like crazy until the very last day!  I had been praying to God that He would lay this trip on the hearts of certain people, and the person who donated a significant amount to me tonight told me that they had felt that God had really laid it on their heart! Talk about a crazy, direct answer to prayer:)!!!  God has shown me how faithful He is, and how I can trust in Him even when I feel anxious or scared. SO amazing, but I have feeling I will have to continually learn this.

In other news, I got a call from Wilfrid Laurier today from a student representative. They were calling just to answer any questions that I had. I had a number of questions, and most of them had to do with what I want to study.

Today during school, I finally realized how much God has given me a heart for those with developmental disabilities. Its hard to put into words, but I truly believe that those with disabilities are beautiful.
I have an example of this. Today, I visited my friend Corinna in her dance classroom. In her class, there are three other students with disabilities. When I walked in, Corinna greeted me with her shy, sweet smile, cheeks red, staring at the floor but clearly excited to see me. We talked a little about her class and how she was enjoying it, and then she proceeded to introduce me to the other three students. She told me their names, their age, and their disability. I could tell how much she cared for them, simply by the way she talked about them. But then I saw her interactions, and I was in awe of how beautiful this child of God is. One of the other students with disabilities is a boy who has one of those wheel-chair like things where you stand up. He can't talk, makes very jerked, rigid movements, and seems to be constantly moving. Corinna moved his wheelchair out of the way, and with her hands on the handles, she started to talk to him. He grabbed her hand, and she wrapped both hands around his, saying "gentle, remember to be gentle"  like a mother would do. It was a really precious, humbling moment for me to witness.

I have about 5 friends with disabilities, but it was witnessing this moment with Corinna that really made me realize that I have a heart for and that I would truly enjoy being a special-ed teacher.
The problem with that is that I didn't apply for concurrent, I applied for Child and Youth Studies.
And granted, I love children and I know I would love being a Child and Youth worker as well, but I suddenly feel like I would make a great teacher.

I talked to the representative, and she told me that after my first year of Child and Youth Studies, I can apply to transfer into the Concurrent program. They only select like, 10 students, but if I retain a certain average and have the proper courses I have potential! If I get accepted, at the end of my 5 years I can take an 8 week program that can enable me to teach any grade from kindergarten to grade 12! After that, I can take another 4 week program, and be qualified to be a special-ed teacher!

I am not sure if I will go that route-only God knows and I simply desire to follow Him where He leads me.

The only thing I am  sure of right now is that Wilfrid Laurier is the school that God has led me to attend.
I pray that I will follow God wherever He leads me- no matter how nervous or scared I may be!!!

God ... is breathtaking.

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